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The Lonely Fisherman

The Lonely Fisherman is part browser game, part Chrome extension. In the game, you fish with the lonely fisherman while he rambles about his life. However, if you leave the fisherman and go to other tabs, he gets upset and tries to get you to come back by interfering with your web browsing experience.

How to Install

First things first, you're going to need either Chrome or Firefox installed. We tried it once on Firefox early in development so there's no guarantee that it works but according to Firefox documentation it should be pretty cross compatible.

There are two ways you can install the extension: from the Chrome Store or installing the developer version of the extension. We strongly recommend you download it from the Chrome Store.

Note: This game will make your web browsing experience much worse. Please do not install or enable this extension if you need an uninterrupted web browsing experience.

Installing from the Chrome Store (recommended)

1. Head to the Chrome Store page for The Lonely Fisherman (link below).

2. Click 'Add to Chrome'

3. Click 'Add extension'

4. Launch the game at http://www.thelonelyfisherman.com and you're all set to play!

Installing unpacked extension (not recommended)

Assuming you've installed or already have Chrome:

1. Type "chrome://extensions" into your search bar (without the quotes).

2. Turn on Developer Mode with the switch on the top right of your screen.

3. Click "Load Unpacked" and then select the folder called extension.

4. Find the "The Lonely Fisherman" extension in the list of extensions and turn it on with the toggle switch (note that's also how you'll have to disable it if you want to free yourself).

5. Launch the game at http://www.thelonelyfisherman.com and you're all set to play!

If you would like a visual guide on how to install, please watch the first part of the video below.

How to stop the fisherman

The only ways to stop him are to turn off the extension or uninstall the extension. You can do this by heading to chrome://extensions and toggling off the extension or removing it from this page. You will need to refresh any open tabs to remove the extension's code from after disabling or removing the extension.

If the extension isn't installed you can still play the fishing game but you'll find that the fisherman doesn't disrupt your internet browsing experience.


The Lonely Fisherman was made by Left2 Studios.